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Skate Park Designs

Posted in Uncategorized by engineering09 on January 29, 2010

This is where you will post information about your skate park.


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  1. AustinWaldo said,

    Engineering is being slow were not really doing anything. The skate parks are almost done though we just need to make everything out of wood and skate on them. I am excited to be done with it .

  2. David Brody said,

    This project is a mini skatepark that we have been working on for over two months. In creating this project we have used the design process by researching, drafting, and designing. My favorite part about this project is the aspect of creating and riding our skateparks. Once this project is completed i will display the final product in my home. This project has helped me understand the importance of designing.

  3. Reid Gilbertson said,

    The project is to create a skatepark design,then build a mini one.I drew the blueprints, then I created them on inventor then were going 2 build it on a12 by 12 board.My favorite part about the skatepark is building it.When the project is completed I will give it to ms.cooke.This project helped me understand engineering by showing me that theres alot of planning before you build anything.

  4. karen lopez said,

    In my engineering class mrs. cooke made us do this project were we had to make an design our own skate park. The steps i have tooken to create it is thinking of the main and easy skate park parts. I have half pip, stairs, and grinding rail. my favorite part about it has been learning to place all the different parts togather in the inventor. when i am done with my projent i will design it not withg girly things but things that skaters like like shoe’s products like vans and clothing products like volcum etc.The way this project has help me learn about engineering is that building things take lot’s of time.

  5. Kelley Cartwright said,

    For our skate park project, we were required to sketch a model of a skatepark, make it on inventor, and then we will build it. My skatepark includes a half pipe, ramps, grind rails and platforms. So far, I have sketched my model, designed it on inventor and created my name poster. My favorite park of the skate park project was drawing the poster name because mine is very colorful and unique. Once we have completed this project, I will probably let Mrs. Cooke keep my project if she wanted, but if she didnt I would probably throw it away. This project has helped me understand engineering more because I understand inventor more and will become more comfortable with the tools and supplies we used. Overall, I think this project was a good idea and will be fun to test once we have built them!

  6. Cameron Blake said,

    In engineering, our job is to create our own miniature skate park. We started by designing it on paper, then creating a rough design of it on Inventor. We went along making multiple blue prints, and designs for our skate parks. I’m teaming up with 3 other people in my class to combine our skate parks to make one big skate park. I’m really excited to see what this project will look like in the end; and I can’t wait to see our classmate’s designs too. It’d been a few month process, but in the end I know all our our hard work will pay off. I’m anxious to see everything, and can’t wait to finally build my ideas that I’ve been working on for so long. This project has been an interseting experience, and I think other students will enjoy this in the future years. :0)

  7. David Nguyen said,

    In engineering class this year, I worked on a skatepark project. In this project, we made scale model of our own specialized and customized skatepark. Before making this model, I had to make some hand written blue prints, then, I had to make them on a program on the computer called inventor. Also, I had to make a poster for the skatepark. Finally, after all this is done, I get to build my park, rate it, , and “ride” on it. My favorite part throughout the entire project was when the class was able to ride on it. After this entire project is completed, I am going to share this skatepark with my friends and family.

  8. Minerva J Guerrero said,

    i learnd that it’s important to follow the design process so i woulsn’t be still stuck doing my design in inventor. i also learnd to be more patient than before. i also got more creative than least year in inventor. it also takes time when designing something in the real world. i heve now some expirence of what real engineeres come across when building something.

  9. Ali said,

    the project that my 8th grade class has been doing is skate park and the thing that i really like is that it is really hard work. i cant wait tell this project is over because it has a lot of stress but the good thing about it is that it teaches u a lot of hard work and this project is a lot of fun to because u have a lot of fun with friends. i will always recomend this project

  10. kelbi redquest said,

    In Ms. Cookes eigth grade engineering class, we are creating mini skateparks. We have been working on them snice the beginning of school. We have to make the skateparks on a 12″ by 12″ board, and at the end of this project, we will bring in little skateboards and “skate” everyones parks. In order to create the skateparks, we had to first, design them on paper, then design them on the computer, then we will build them in “real life”. I think that will be the best part, because I like to use the machines. =) Once the project is done, we will start a new project. I’m excited about that.

  11. morgan colo said,

    1.The skate park project is where you make a miniature version of a skate park and we have to make it fit on a 12 in. board then we have to make it on inventer then we build it.
    2.The steps i have takin in this project are making a blue print on paper then making my parts on inventer.
    3.My faviorite part of this project is probly going to be when i can make it and glue every thing on and design the skate park itself.
    5.This project has helped me understand engineering better because i understand how acurate you have to be and how long it takes to acually take to make a project.

  12. Domenic Sifuentes said,

    In my engineering class we are building mini skate parks. We are using materials to build a model of a skate park. First you have to sketch down your ideas on a piece of graph paper. Then put it on inventor, then make it. My favorite part is going to be able to skate on the parks with teckdecks.Im out

  13. Aaron Brunette said,

    We are building a miniturized skate park, to practice engineering and correct measurements. I enjoyed it cause we got to design something of our own not follow someone else’s blueprints. I did learn that Inventor may be easy to build simple things but with the skateparks, VERY HARD!

  14. Travis Lamke said,

    This is a mini skatepark that we are attempting to build. We have not started to build them quite yet, but we are getting there. First, we had to create posters for the skatepark. Then we had to create designs with drawings then blue prints.

  15. Blake Burns said,

    For our skatepark project, we were required to sketch a model of a skatepark, make it on inventor and build it. My skatepark includes 2 halfpipes, and a tabletop. My favorite part of the skate park with to be to ride it with a tek dek.Once the project is done i will donate it to a greater good. This project has helped me learn about designing in engeeneering.

  16. Jessica Tenorio said,

    The Skatepark project is very fun,interesting and creative.some of the steps I had to go through to start the skatepark was that we had to draw a picture of how we wanted the skatepark to look and draw blueprints then we had to go on inventer application to draw the pieces that we were going to put on it then we had to go to standard iam to put the whole pieces together to see how it would look and when I did it it turned out nice and perfect even thought at first it was kind of hard putting the pieces together in standard iam then after that we had to do a blueprint and put the pieces together again but in a nice way so the teacher could see it. but my favorite part of the skatepark project was how it turned out “NICE” AND “PERFECT”.

  17. David Nguyen said,

    In my engineering class, I worked on a skatepark project. In this project, I built a scale model of a special customized skatepark of my own design. I drew the blueprints, made them on Inventor, and finally made it. My favorite part was when we “rode” on the skatepark. After this projct is over, I am going to share it with friends and family.

  18. Joseph chang said,

    The project that we are working on is the skate park project. i this project we design, plan, build and test the skate parks that we come up with. my skate park has 3 quarter ramps and a half pipe also it has an over ramp that has a grinding rail attached to the top of it. To be able to create this project we needed to create blueprints for the skate park that we wanted to make and made a model of it on autodesk inventor. now we have to build it and to me this will be the hardest part because i cant build anything right even if my life depended on it. Although it will be the hardest part of the project my favorite part will be the building because it will help me get better and eventually be an expert in building stuff. when we are done with the prioject if it looks nice i will take it home and maybe let ms. Cooke keep it to show the other students.

  19. Malik Sayed said,

    this project is really fun and easy. We are getting to learn how to use inventor and how to measure things.this experience was very helpful but i am still looking forward to the building part

  20. Taylor Scafani said,

    In Ms.Cookes 8th grade class we are making skate parks. I am working with my friend Moneshia and we are making a skate park called the Devil Machine. IN our skate park we would put a volcano, a huge ramp, four small ramps and rental shop and a snack bar made out or a ramp. This skate park is going to be added on to Sea World. I cant wait till we are finished with this skate park. In like every project there are up and downs. However, this is how you get a very great skate park. When we are done with our skate park we will try them out with small little skateboards. When we are done with the skate parks you should come and look at them at open house.
    ~Thank You~

  21. Andres Garcia said,

    this project is a skate park and its made out of wood. the steps ive tooken on creating this project are drawing it put it on inventort then making blue prints.the favorite part about this project is building it. what i will do is just take it home. this project has helped me understand that it takes alot of patients ad it takes alot of time to to or build a project.

  22. Joey Santamaria said,

    The project that my engineering class has been working on for the past few weeks is designing a skatepark on the Autodesk program, Inventor 2010. The main idea is to draft and design a skate park that can be used in a real situation. Also, we had to write a letter to Mr. Smith, the chairperson for Parks and Recreation of San Diego County, to request his approval of our skateparks to use somewhere in the county of San Diego.
    In creating my skatepark, the steps I have taken to making it well-designed and creative were to first, draw out some simple blueprints on graph paper of some of the parts that will be in your skatepark, then find the measurements of each of the parts. Next, as I said before, we had to write a letter to request the approval of our skateparks. After we had submitted those letters, we began designing the final drafts of our skatepark on Autodesk Inventor 2010. After all of our parts were complete and the measurements were correct, we created blueprints on the computer.
    My favorite part of this project was designing the rough draft of all of my parts on graph paper, because I could put on any ideas that I wanted to. Once this project is completed, I will be able to show all of my friends and I could test the skatepark out with Tech Decks.

  23. Laura Stewart said,

    In my engineering class we are designing minature skateparks on a 12x12in. board. We had to disgn blueprints, i actually had to design 3, and then write a letter to the mayor asking and explaining to him that we wanted to build a skatepark somewhere in the city. In the letter i had to write where we wanted it, when we wanted it done, how much money it would be, why we wanted to build a skatepark, what materials we would need, and consent from the mayor to build a skatepark. After I finished with the letter we went on autodesk inventor 2010 and made each ramp and grinding rail separately then we had to put the pieces together which was really hard because sometimes inventor couldn’t bring the part together the way I wanted it to be. After disigning the whole park and putting it together we made blueprints of all the separate little pieces then put measurements on all the sides. That’s pretty much all we did so far. Nothing else. Though we are getting ready to start to build the skateparks by researching and blogging : ) and stuff.thats it.

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